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Stinky Activewear No More!

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Dive's sweat-wicking activewear takes the moisture from your skin, disperses it onto the surface of the fabric, and allows it to evaporate into the air. The fabric is made of high-quality polyester & spandex which keeps the sweat away from the body. This technology and material make the clothes much lighter and more comfortable to wear for a longer time. Now, let's talk about how to get rid of that funky smell from your favourite pair! Worry not! Dive has got your back! 

Here are a few guidelines which can help you keep your activewear smell good and last longer:


  1. Do not toss it in the laundry basket: Throwing away wet and sweaty workout clothes in the laundry basket is like the biggest sin one can commit. If you are feeling too tired to wash them immediately, then make sure to turn them inside out and air dry them immediately. 
  2. Wash it the same day: Do not wear your dirty activewear the next day. It is very important to clean your workout clothes after every use. Rewearing can lead to the accumulation of odour, helping the odour-causing bacteria to breed.    
  3. Follow the instructions: It is always advisable to wash workout clothes in cold water and dry on low heat settings. Do not use fabric softener as they build upon the fabric and interfere with the garment's moisture wicking properties.  Make sure to read the care labels on every product you use.
  4. Do Not Bleach: Avoid bleaching your activewear as it can fade the color and break down the lycra and spandex found in workout clothes. 
  5. Add White Vinegar: While washing your activewear try adding white vinegar to the detergent, as it helps in killing the odour-causing bacteria keeping the clothes smelling fresh.
  6. Opt for Sports Detergent: Sports detergents are formulated to keep your activewear smell fresh and last longer. 

Now that you are aware of the above mentioned guidelines, just follow them religiously and your activewear will last longer and of course, you'll never have stinky activewear ever!

~ Nupur Rathore & Shruti Chhapia


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