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Welcome to DIVE!

 DIVE is an Indian sportswear brand that aims to provide every individual with sustainable, stylish and high quality sports apparel. Established in 2016, we are still young and eager to grow by providing India the finest high performance active wear so that every individual can excel in whatever sport and activity he or she pursues.

 Our apparel is crafted out of the best quality fabric and with impeccable style. We believe that comfort is in its details. Along with breathable fabric, we’ve also incorporated lightweight material which makes it the best pick for your next workout. Having pursued sports all our lives; we have a first-hand experience on what is required in active wear. We know that we exercise and workout to feel good but we also want to look good while doing it and at DIVE, we aim to provide functionality along with style. Knowing that you’re wearing the very best in quality will inspire you to stay active and fit.

 We believe that we can change the way the world looks at India in the field of sports. Each of our garments carries a unique combination of the tricolours of India as a constant reminder to make India reach its pinnacle glory. We also want to change how sportswear is sold, bought and worn in our country with our active wear.

We believe that you should push your own limits and not just weights with DIVE. Because winning is everything!


We believe that greatness is for everyone.

We fuel our motivation by your desire to be the best.

We don’t reminisce on past glory; we are driven by the zeal of tomorrow’s victory.

Your game should have no boundaries.

And we believe to help you win that game with the magic of DIVE.

Correlate inspiration with perspiration.

Beat the alarm and get going.

We believe in pushing you to get there.

Innovation is key to our being.

We believe in the genius of our fabric and the spirit of your game.

The finish line is always close.

Because Winning Is Everything!

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