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Post-Run Tips to avoid injury

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The Tata Mumbai Marathon is just around the corner and we know you all are pumped up for the long run! But do you know a good post running routine is equally important as practicing for the marathon? Below shared are a few tips that can be helpful for you:


Long-running or jogging sessions or marathons can dehydrate you. It is always recommended to rehydrate with an energy drink or an electrolyte such as ORS. 


After a good run, it is important for you to replenish the energy stores (glycogen/carbohydrates, electrolytes, and protein) and fluid stores you lost during activity. High-quality protein-rich foods and carbohydrate-rich snacks in the hour post-exercise is recommended to restore tissue.  

Cool Down Exercises

A light jog or walk or other low-intensity exercises after the run can assist in removing lactic acid build-up and promotes blood flow to relieve tight and sore muscles. A brief 5 to 15-min session of stretching to assist with tight muscles can be followed after this.

Recovery Massage

A recovery massage post-run can help reduce post-exercise muscle tone, increase muscle range of motion, increasing circulation and nutrition to damaged tissue. Soft tissue therapy also helps in psychological recovery alongside music, warm baths and showers to enhance muscle relaxation and allow recovery.


Ice helps to decrease inflammation resulting from an intense run. This can help to decrease post-run muscle soreness.

In the end, a good night’s sleep of 8 hours is a must and the most important for muscle recovery.

We wish you a very happy and healthy run! All the very best.

~ Nupur Rathore 


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