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Amazon Fire, Global Warming, Rising Temperature - Let's make up for the mistakes!

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The Amazon forest is on fire and it’s all because of our mistakes! One step at a time leads to assured growth. Here’s what we can do to make up for our mistakes: 
1. Plant more trees: the best way to cope up with the rising environmental crisis is to plant more and more trees. Trees are the heart of our planet. And you can clearly see what our greed for occupying more land has done to the planet. 
2. Save electricity: Excess and reckless electricity consumption is another major reason for the deteriorating health of our planet Mother Earth. Switch of fans, ACs, and lights when not in use. The most important, switch of charging plugs! Use more of solar energy operated devices. 
3. Use organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly products: Nowadays, a lot of cosmetic and skincare, clothing, shoe, etc. brands are manufacturing eco-friendly and organic products. These products are not only good for us but also for nature. 
4. Carpool: Instead of taking out your own vehicle every day try to opt for carpool. Eg: If you and your neighbour or friend are going to same the area then go for carpooling. Similarly, if you and colleagues are living in the same area then opt for carpooling. 
5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: We all have learned this in our school yet don’t imply it in our lives. Reduce wastage of food and water. Buy reusable bags, paper or steel straws, the plastic bags and straws which we use are of the worst quality and affect the environment the most. Do you know a straw takes more than a 100 years to decompose? So, say a big no to plastic straws and bags.
6. Gift saplings: Another way to promote conservation of the environment is by gifting plant saplings to our dear ones. This Diwali or any other festival or occasion gift plant saplings to your friends and family. It not just makes up for environment conservation but also a good piece of decoration.  
The time is now to do our bit! If you want to live a good and healthy life then learn to adopt healthy habits. Habits which are good for us and for our Mother Earth.


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