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It’s said that the hardest part is just to start, somewhere! Well, that is the case with me too as it is for many many of you out there! Every year, we almost end up having the same resolution on Jan 1st, “This year, I’m going to lose weight and become fit!” But the thing is that this resolution is almost always forgotten as we get on with our daily lives and into the frenzy that the New Year brings along with it!

Most of the times we end up thinking that because we’re unfit or overweight, we can’t exercise properly or we see people running marathons and going all over the place and we think to ourselves that “Of course they can, they’re fit enough to do that!” And then we completely lose the motivation to exercise anything at all. But that’s not true, you’ve got to start somewhere! Take it slow, one step at a time but the time is never too late!

You don’t necessarily need to pay thousands to enroll in a gym membership or training program and can definitely start slow at home. There are hundreds of YouTube videos and articles about beginners’ guide to getting fit and active and they really do help! These videos are most often made by people who’ve been there and done that and it’s the best form of guidance anyone can get. Another great option to just start somewhere is to simply at least walk for an hour a day! Trust me this helps too! It definitely helps in staying healthy and keeps the mind calm. And you don’t need any equipment either!

Another equally important factor to stay healthy is to eat right! We’re not suggesting crazy salad and soup diets but just avoid the junk as far as possible! Considering our busy work and social lifestyles it gets pretty difficult to follow this but you can make small changes and that too result in a big difference. It would be great if you could log in what you eat every day too. This makes you aware of what you’re consuming at all times and you generally tend to avoid the junk a little more once you know exactly what’s going into your system day in and day out.

Everyone starts at the beginning too and we’re sure even you can! Listen to your body, understand what you need to do and just enjoy while doing it! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a burden. It may seem impossible in the beginning but it will definitely get better, trust us!


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