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Self-Care: The Need of the Hour

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Hello, all you beautiful readers! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Today we’re going to learn about self-care. Ever wondered what self-care is?

Self-Care is reuniting your mind, body, and soul. Taking good care of your physical, mental and emotional health.


What does Self-Care involve?


Movement/Exercise:Due to the hectic and tiring schedule of our life, we often tend to ignore our body, and become prey to improper posture, weak eyesight, weak and inflexible muscles, etc. This is why the regular movement of body or practice of any form of physical activity is crucial to one’s health. It helps reduce stress, keeps one agile and happy.

Food: With the rise of westernisation, we Indians have become aloof of local food and it’s importance. A good diet is important to lead a good life! Fulfilling your food cravings is needed but not always!

Today, one of the biggest enemies of our lives is comfort food, which majorly involves junk like pizza, burgers, Mac n cheese, etc. Which results in bloating, frequent diarrhoea, high cholesterol level, etc. It is said that your body is 70% diet and 30% exercise. Therefore, eating good food (which also includes your favourite fries, though sometimes) is necessary to go a long way! Include more greens in your diet, less of dairy and seasonal fruits.

Health: The biggest misconception prevailing today is healthy=thin. If someone is lean doesn’t mean that he/she is physically fit, or has no health problems. It’s crucial for your physical, mental and emotional health to be in sync with each other. Practicing meditation regularly, taking small breaks between work, listening to music, reading and traveling can help one lead a healthier life.

These activities not only make you feel good but also positive, confident, motivated, focused, create balance and makes you aware of your well-being.


Sleep:Good and sound sleep is important. As the saying goes, early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Inadequate sleep or improper sleeping cycles can make us feel drained, lazy, inactive and irritated. So, make sure you have a good sound sleep of 8 hrs from today!

Lastly, self-care is one such aspect of our daily routine which you cannot afford to ignore to lead a beautiful life. Start small, start from today, as you have a long way to go!

By Nupur Rathore


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  • Abhinav : July 29, 2019

    Cannot agree more .
    I really hope more and more people read this and can understand the importance of health care .

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