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Let's Hydrate!

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The summer is upon us and the mercury is just soaring high everyday! Days like these, we lose a lot of water and electrolytes from our body due to sweating which leads to dehydration and fatigue and it’s really very important to stay hydrated. Here are some ways you can increase your water intake.

1. Have a glass of water immediately after waking up

2. Set an alarm every hour/ hour and a half

3. Infuse fruits to spice it up a bit

4. Use an app to track your intake

5. Have a glass of water half an hour before every meal

6. Buy a fun water bottle

7. Have more of green teas, water based healthy drinks

8. Have more water based fruits and vegetables

9. Keep a bottle of water with you everywhere you go

10. Track your progress using our monthly water tracker

Make sure to download our monthly water tracker so you don’t miss a single sip! Click on the link below to download the file.



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